Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dora and Diego's Animal Rescue Center at the Children's Museum!

For the past month we've been collaborating with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis on some fun stuff and I've been really loving the job. We helped them out with their new Dora & Diego interactive exhibit for toddlers. It was pretty magical to see the hustle of the museum on the final day of construction when everything came together. You can always count on the Children's Museum to put together top notch stuff, but I was giddy to see the tiny little hut where our contribution was going to live. For our part we created a screen animation that sits in the Animal Rescue Center portion of the exhibit. The animation features Scan the Scanner who identifies and diagnoses little stuffed animals that are placed on the scanner. This project was so exciting to me because it combined my love of cutie design and animation with a fun, tangible experience for little ones. Let's just say that I am really excited about any new opportunities where we can do more stuff like this with RFID tags or other interactive trigger systems.

The entire exhibit is full of great interactives for toddlers. I would absolutely recommend stopping by if you get the chance to visit the museum between now and Aug 14th.

Here's the hut. I dont think it could be an cuter. Between the two scanners is a first aid station with bandages, ice packs, stethoscopes, and magnifying glasses then on the table there is a tiny little bathtub with two pedal operated dryers so you can clean the animals.

Here are some cubbies where you set the animals to rest and get food and water.

Scanning... Scanning... Here we go!

Eric, Taha, and I installing our portion into the hut. As we tested, Taha was such a rock star making little tweaks and updates on the fly. Great job to everyone who worked on this interactive! Kevin Marshall at the Children's Museum, Eric, Taha, Kyle, and Dan all did such a great job.

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