Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Custom Beer Tap Handle

Good friends of ours turned 30 this past weekend and my husband and I were searching for something out of the ordinary to give them. They recently started brewing their own beer and installed a tap in their basement wall. We decided that a special handle for their tap was the right gift so we began the search for a good custom shop. We ended up finding a REALLY great shop out of Seattle. Will Bass of Bass Custom was super nice, helpful, and fast! He got our tap engraved, inked, and shipped in under a week. I'm sure that depending on his work load that quick turn around is not always possible, but it was such a nice surprise to get it several days before we were expecting it! The quality of the engraving was fantastic and he managed to capture all of the fine detail that we drew into our illustration. I know this probably sounds like I'm getting paid to say all of this, but I was just that pleased with the process and quality.

So why a garden gnome you ask?

In older posts you may have seen photos from an event we threw with our friends called Lebfest, where the two main team mascots were the Garden Gnomes and the Porch Geese. Our friends were the captains of the Garden Gnome team so we decided to create a gnome brew master character holding a beer, designed in woodcut style. It looks great engraved in the tap. I love the setup that our friends have for their bar! They were so creative with the ski's for shelves and the chalkboard paint for the brew name. It was great to see the tap fit into their awesome setup. Can't wait to try more of their awesome home brew and thanks to Will Bass, there is now a sweet custom tap handle we can pull to fill our glass!

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Jen said...

You and Steph are so creative is seriously makes me sick. LOVE the tap handle, love that team Garden Gnome is representing, and I love what the S&S did with installing the tap in the wall. Miss hanging out with you two creative ladies!