Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scanner in action

Here's a video of the scanner in action. This video is nothing fancy, but it does the trick. :) Enjoy!

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Lawrie said...

Awesome! I bet this was great fun to work on - and even better watching kids playing with it.
This uses RFID tags right? Are they strong enough, that the animal registers no matter which way up they're put into the scanner? Or are there multiple tags per animal or something?

Amy Kingman said...

Hi Lawrie, you're absolutely right, we ran into challenges with detection when we only had one tag in the animals because if you set them a certain way the tag was too far from the sensor to detect. Your solution is exactly what we did, added more tags and assigned them to the same animal. We also triggered the blue lights to switch on as soon as a tag was detected so that the child would have instant visual feedback that the scanner was working even if the screen was finishing up a bit of dialog. Then we triggered the lights to flash on and off once the animation got to the scanning portion so that there was even more action in the tangible part of the exhibit. It took actually interacting with the set to understand what feedback made the experience more fun. I'm really hoping there is more of this type of work in our future, it's really fun to play with. :)