Wednesday, October 1, 2008

#4 - Butternut Squash Soup

Starting on the list, the search for the Tavern On The Green quality butternut squash soup begins.

Attempt 1: Oct 1 - Super Simple Butternut Squash Soup
Ashley came over last night, the first really chilly night of the fall. Home made soup and paninis were created for nights like this. As we chatted about life, fall, poetry exercises, 52 Projects, On The Road, etc. etc. we attempted the simplest butternut squash soup recipe we could find. This soup was extremely easy to make, and actually really tasty. The hardest part was peeling the butternut squash. I didn't have a carrot peeler, so we just peeled it like a potato with a knife. It seemed to take forever, the skin was so tough. Aside from that there was nothing to it. Just simple, tasty, sweet. It wasn't what we were searching for, though. We're wondering if what we had was more of a bisque. We seem to remember something a little thicker and creamier. The search continues!

Attempt 2: ??? ? - Sweet Butternut Squash Soup
Attempt 3: ??? ? - Butternut Squash Bisque

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Jen said...

Amy - Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we love this recipe for butternut squash bisque.

Amy Kingman said...

Thanks Jen! I should have known to check your blog. :)

Sue said...

mmmm....i love soup season. Let me know how the sweet butternut squach soup turns out!

Amy Kingman said...

Will do, Sue! I'm really excited to try it. Last Sept. Ash and I went to Tavern On the Green in NY and had this big supper with like 3 courses plus dessert, and the only part of it that I remember is the butternut squash soup that they brought out. It was sooooo wonderful. I tried a random recipe last year and it was horrible, so I'm on the search for a really yummy one right now cause I cant get that first one out of my head! I'll be rating these recipes so I'll let you know how it turns out!