Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Year number 28, it's time!

Yes, it's finally time to make these little thoughts and wishes a reality. Over 1/2 of these items I had very good intentions for last year, but couldn't quite make them a reality. This year, though, this 28th year is the perfect year for all of these things.

1. Finish assembling my 1/2 constructed sewing bag.
2. Own and use a Gocco.
3. Make a custom camera strap with vintage ribbon.
4. Attempt to make a batch of butternut squash soup that rivals Tavern on the Green's recipe.
5. Complete a Project Moleskine.
6. Build a shelf for the kitchen.
7. Throw a birthday party and make red velvet cupcakes.
8. Continue to participate in Photo Week.
9. Visit another city outside of Indiana.
10. Finish reading the Lord of the Rings.
11. Explore the 2nd floor of the IMA.
12. Throw a Mix CD party with Amy Sedaris inspired touches.
13. Make home made Limoncello.
14. Use the postal system to send at least 28 surprises.
15. Go to at least one 1st Friday.
16. Spend an afternoon/evening making tapas with Alex.
17. Sell an item on Etsy.
18. Participate in another endurance event over a 5K.
19. Perfect home made ravioli.
20. Go rock climbing.
21. Get all dolled up and see a ballet, symphony, or musical in style.
22. Go sledding.
23. Begin printing out photos and writing on the back like my grandmother did.
24. Paint and plant window boxes for the back of the house.
25. Organize a girl's weekend for making things.
26. Make a no-knit scarf.
27. Teach Mylo to balance a treat on his nose.
28. Create a piece of custom jewelry.

I loved Andrea's idea of using a birthday as an excuse to plan must dos for the coming year. Thanks for the inspiration Girl Hula!

(I know, I know, it's not my birthday til Oct. 22, but seems like I should be able to get started on some of this stuff as long as it's my birth-MONTH, right? Right? It's just so hard to wait!)

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Steph said...

Great list! You'll probably need the extra few weeks prior to the big 28 to get it done... Keep us updated!

MandaLee said...

If you want to combine visiting a city outside IN & getting all dolled up for a ballet, I know somebody that would love to accompany you! :)

PS I got warm fuzzies from the one about writing on the back of photos like your grandmother. I think I might have to make a list even though my birthday was a while ago...

andrea said...

stellar list, my friend! woohoo!

Amy Kingman said...

Manda, I would ADORE that! You may just save Alex the anguish of taking me to a ballet! Let me know what shows you'd be interested in and maybe we can make that part of our next visit up to see you guys! You and I can go to the ballet and Alex and Sam can go be boys. ;)

Andrea, thanks for checking it out! Your site is most inspiring. :)

Katie_S said...

Hi Amy, I first heard of the list at Elise Blaha's blog and then found Hula Seventy's blog and came across yours from there....anyway, just wanted to say Hi - I've just finished my 27 @ 27 list ready for my birthday on 22nd October (same day as yours which is the main reason I'm commenting!)
Cheers, Katie

Amy Kingman said...

Hi Katie S! Happy early birthday to a fellow libra! Will you be sharing your list on your blog? :) Thanks for listing the trail that led to my blog, that's always interesting. Those are two very inspirational girls! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your list! very fun! while reading yours, it's not surprising you have 10000 things you want to get done!--i don't think i could think of 23!? i'll start thinking now for january :D also, i can't really do any of these before your bday...but i would love to help you with ALL of them (except the tapas w/ alex...) ;) but the dolling-up to go out! you know i'm there!!!

Sara said...

This is so inspiring! What a great idea. I love the concept and think I just may have to work on mine for next month!

Amy Kingman said...

Sara - When's your birthday?! I can't WAIT to see your list! How was the honeymoon?! We'll have to meet up with the girls soon and have you tell us all about it. Maybe Brugge again!

Most delicious crepes e-v-e-r.

Sue said...

I'm thinking your weekend getaway outside of Indiana should be a girls trip to Chicago. You, Sara, and Steph can all stay with me!

P.s we could also go see a play/show..crossing two things at once!:)

Sara said...

Sue and Amanda are onto something!!

My 28th is Nov. 25th. I beat Jesus by one month!

Sara said...

Thanks again for sharing this great idea. My list is now live!