Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday - Yellow

The rest of my yellow photos are posted here on my flickr site.

I loved seeing the honey bee's legs up close once I looked through my photos. It was such a brief moment that he was buzzing around the sunflower that I hardly noticed it at first. As you can see, my day involved a bit of laundry out to dry and some pretty yellow flowers. Photo project proves to be the most relaxing part of my day yet again. :)

Again, lovely photos everyone! I just adore the insight into the individual personal lives of everyone participating. The different perspectives, the various subject matter, wonderful all around! Tomorrow Greeeeeeeeeeeen!

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Sue said...

Amy, you are pretty close to that bee. I guess that's just the risks one is willing to take in the name of art...very impressive.

Sara said...

The blue background in your final sunflower pic is just lovely. There's no trick photography going on right? That's just the sky? It make the flower pop. Love it.

Amy Kingman said...

Sue, haha, yes I saw something buzzing around but it was so teeny and zoomed off so quickly I barely got a chance to notice it til I got home and looked through the photos.

Thanks, Sara! The sky was SO bright blue and clear that day. No tricks here. :)

ShellyBean said...

i LOVE the baby flower in w/ the paint brushes! very fun/girlie!