Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday - Green

The rest of my greens are up here on my flickr site.

Well, I only got a few greens before our battery died! booo! I was so excited, Alex and I were gonna go on a bike ride and capture some of the green country around us. Oh well, the ride was still nice, even if we don't have any photos from it. Luckily we got a few in the back yard.

Tomorrow is our last exercise for color week!

Blue will be a nice color to end on. I'm super impressed with how everyone has kept with this challenge this week. It's kind of a lot to do every day! Kudos to all who've participated. I really have enjoyed seeing everyone's awesome photos and reading all of the comments.

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mindy said...

Thanks for starting it! I've noticed so many things that I've blindly walked by everyday for months...kind of amazing.

Sara said...

That puppy dog picture is the best! He's quite the male model.

Beth said...

Amy I have been enjoying your pictures all week. You are totally awesome behind the lens. Of course your art is awesome too. Love the site.