Friday, August 29, 2008

Blue Friday

Happy Blue Friday Everyone!!! I decided to play with my idea of Friday in addition to the color blue for this post. The long weekend is here which means time to put my feet up, enjoy a cold one, and spend some time in the lovely outdoors! Hooray for Fridays!

I had so much fun sharing photos with everyone during color week. I loved seeing all of the daily photo posts and reading all of the comments. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the project as well. I think that the color topic was a fun, easy way to get us back in the habit of carrying our cameras around with us. Nice work everyone, I was most impressed.

For our next task, I had an idea. What if we use the entire week to complete our exercise. This way, you can post photos as you take them throughout the week, but if you would like to spend more time on a photograph, there's not the investment of spending that kind of time every day. By the end of the week we should have a set of photos that reflect the theme, but whether you decide to take them each day or all in one day doesn't matter.

I'm going to 'tag' Steph as our next Photo Project host. See her blog for info on the next project and the list of participants.

Check out Steph's Blog for the next Photo Project

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Scott W. said...

I actually took a picture of a beer can too, but it got the cut. We think such alike! Beer is good.

the country life said...

Really like the picture of the flowers in the blue bucket.

Beth Carter said...

I really like the picture of your shoes in the air. I reminds me of a little kid for some reason. Great way to end the week.

Steph said...

I love the area of focus on the flower pictures. Did you manually blur the edges or is that done with camera settings?

Thanks for hosting a wonderfully color week, it was busy, but so much fun!!

Sara said...

Ending on Bud Lite. Unexpected from you! You continue to wow me Kingman.

Amy Kingman said...

This whole week I've been playing with the manual settings on my camera. To get a nice shallow depth of field I've been using f/5.6 then I just adjust the exposure accordingly. I've discovered it's tough to get this depth of field in low light conditions without a tripod because the aperture is so small you have to be able to hold REALLY still for a longer time to allow enough light in to get a decent exposure. I really want to experiment with different lenses to see how that affects the depth of field. May be time to cash in those cord camera gift cards!