Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now in technicolor

A very clever artist friend of mine suggested that I add a splash of color to these pen and marker butterfly prints. I do love the butterflies in black and white, but is a completely different feel. I think I'm digging this colored take as well. I did a quick color test with marker and I do like the look of it, but I think I'd like to experiment with some water color washes and some more painterly techniques. Any thoughts? I'm listing this one on my Etsy site and will custom color the butterflies any color requested. Just drop me a note and I'll color and add the item to my shop!

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Jen said...

Oh I really like the colored one Amy! The B&W is nice, but I agree, this just has a different feel.

Anonymous said...

Amy, the color really adds dimension to your butterfly and breathes life into it--an artistic metamorphosis. Watch out! The critter may fly off the paper.