Monday, May 3, 2010


After 9 months of cooking, as promised, I would like to share the most amazing thing we've ever made, little Fiona Isabel.

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Amanda said...

You have made a lot of incredible things, but I agree that this is the best :)

Vince Gorman said...

awww. Congratulations!

Kenneth Fultz said...

Cute baby

Kenneth Fultz said...
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Smilax said...

Amy, my goodness!
How long since the last time I came!

She is sooo sweet, oooh!

I am very very happy for you and I am sure she is going to be very happy learning from her mother, for you have lots of beautiful things to teach to her!

My most sincere congratulations!


Maria said...

Oh my! What an adorable baby!

I love your photos. I especially appreciate your tutorial on creating a light box.

Keep up the good work as a new mommy and creative gal!