Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girl's Weekend: Tropical Mimosas, Artie Fun, and Mexican Food

These girls, they are such amazing, creative, talented girls.

Winter can suck it, we say! Finally, we fight back against the cold! Pump up the heat! Break out the mango juice and champagne, rock the pajama pants, and grab that stinkin list of projects we've been meaning to do all winter long if only we could crawl out from under the blanket and find the motivation.

Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends to kick the winter blues.

This day, was awesome.

You can see the entire set with finished projects on my flickr stream. More photos of my necklace yet to come.

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Jen said...

Oh man that looks so fun. I'm jealous...

Anonymous said...

you girls are the cutest ever! i'm in for the next one if there's room!! :)

Stephanie Wagner said...

It's a wonder Sara and I could even stand up straight after being hunched over the machine all day! Great times and noodles salad, okay... great times and quiche. Love what you did with the pics!

Sara Therese said...

LOVE the tone on the pictures. Very spiffy! I'm with Steph - we were the models for improper posture!