Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aperture Priority

In honor of Jen's continuing photo week series exploring camera settings, here's my aperture priority shoot. This weekend we journeyed to Bloomington, IL and did some rock climbing in the silos at Upper Limits. It was a lot of fun, but super tough to get a decent shot in the low light conditions without using a flash.

Looking back I can't believe that I didn't have the presence of thought to increase my ISO. I probably would have ended up with a very different shoot. Oh well, as it stands I ended up with some pretty dramatic looking photos because it forced me to wait for my subject to enter the harsh yellow ring of light that was cast on the side of the silo or else deal with some wicked motion blur. I didn't mind the motion blur in all of the shots, though, it added a bit of excitement.

I used my 50 1.8 lens primarily because my adjustable lens simply wasn't fast enough. I would have really liked to use a wider angle, but again, it forced me to consider the best composition I could get within the limitations of my view. Thanks for hosting another photo week challenge, Jen! It was fun!

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sunmamma said...

Lovely. I love to explore my camera settings. I use it mostly on manual though.

Stephanie Wagner said...

There is a real feeling of intensity in these pictures. I feel like there should be a pit of hungry lions below. Awesome shots!

Josh Corken said...

Awesome shots!

I myself am a rock climber and this makes me want to go really bad.

Sue said...

Great pictures Amy! I agree with Stephanie, you can def feel the intensity.

Vince Gorman said...

You've really taken off with photography. Your pics look great!