Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lebfest Goes To Camp!

This year we decided to take Lebfest to the great outdoors. We stripped away the competition and added canoeing and camping at Blue's Canoe and Livery down in Edinburgh. I'm excited to see everyone. It's become a reunion of sorts for many of us. It's also nice to have it at the camp grounds because we can open it up a bit more and encourage our friends to bring friends of theirs that we haven't met yet. Here's this year's t-shirt design.

No red or blue, we went with a neutral color and decided to make it seem like an old school camp tee. It was fun to play with texture instead of color when faced with a 2 color challenge. This is one of my first projects considering that.

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Dan Baldwin said...

Your texture is my new hero. So good.

Steph said...

Love the new owl. The whole design is so peaceful, even the black bear seems friendly. Maybe he's been to Lebanon?!

Amy Kingman said...

haha, Thanks guys! Yeah, the bear's just checkin things out ready to get in on some beer pong action. :)