Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Invitation Revisions


Thank you SO much to everyone who gave their opinions, impressions, and suggestions. It was great feedback. Here is a first round of revisions where I focused on the following:

-playing up the ticket theme
-keeping the visual interest of the asymmetrical design
-keeping the information organized and easy to read making the title, sara and robs name, and the date/time the dominant information
-minimizing the feeling of currency
-reducing the overly formal feeling, while maintaining the elegance fitting to a wedding

I'd love to hear feedback based on these revisions. Did the changes do what I set out to accomplish. Are there other areas where maybe I've missed the mark or something still feels a bit visually unsettling? Thank you so much for your time and your thoughts.


Mindy, I hear what you're sayin about the address, that was the thing I pissed around with the most during my quick little revision stint this afternoon, then I decided to give up and mow the grass. ha Anyway, I was afraid to cram too much stuff on the left, but I think it's better than having it along the bottom. On the reception card the address isn't necessary, and i suppose since there will be a map and directions on the back, I could leave it out of this one... hmmmm... it certainly would fit nicer. I'll talk to the bride to be about it and see what she's cool with. If she does decide she wants it all on the front, here's a better arrangement.

Shelly, thanks! You're so supportive :)

Brian, oh yes, the dog will get some love on the opposite side of the Wedding card. It wouldn't be Sara's wedding without it!


Here is the third round of revisions where I focused on the following:

-re-creating the "admission" block to fit with the elegant design of the rest of the ticket better and punch up the decorative border.
-adding the dotted divider between the admission stub and the rest of the ticket to visually enforce the ticket theme.
-incorporating the date into the design a little more while still keeping it separate and easy to spot, also added the Saturday back into the date.
-adjusting the title font to something with a little more punch
-changing the wording in the copy to say "dinner" as opposed to "reception" to avoid sounding repetitive

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mindy said...

Strong revisions. I like being able to read it all :)

The only part bugging me is the address info along the very bottom of each. I'm guessing you're trying to be consistent but if a map is on the back, is it necessary to have the address/name of location repeated on the front of the reception ticket? The Rathskellar is already mentioned once on the front.

Also, if you're including a separate map card for the church, I think it'd be cool to exclude that bottom line there as well and maybe mimic the reception card where you say "AT (church name)".

The other thing I could think to help that info fit, would be to move the "wedding"/"reception" labels over/below the date/time info. (most /'s ever)

But yeah, I think this is me being picky and being quirky about wanting the address to fit in the white in my brain. I think you're good either way :)

mindy said...

PS when I say "if you're including a separate map card", I mean I have no idea if you are or not :)

Anonymous said...

i really like the revision! you're so awesome. :D

Brian Phillips said...

super! Does the dog still get some love in the design?

Vince Gorman said...

yea, I agree with Mindy's comment about the bottom copy. It seems you have addressed that, now. So, I feel like the left hand side has the ticket feeling and the right hand side has the wedding invitation feeling, so, good job on that mix. My only other thought is the box containing the date and time, not sure if it's too box-like, or the fact that it's on the horizontal and not the vertical like the "admission". Either way, I feel like it should be broken up a bit. Good revisions, looks much better.