Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick little feature from my "work blog"

The last couple weeks at work I've been helping out on an animation intended to remind college females about being careful about the information they post online.

In this portion the girl is tweeting about how she's at the coffee shop and that she's bored because her roommates are out of town. In the background you can see our character, "Mr. Creeper" one of her many twitter followers, sneaking around the coffee shop up to no good. The idea is to attempt a more light hearted reminder to be safe as opposed to a more preachy off putting approach.

I just thought I'd post this little feature for those of you who wonder what it is that I mean when I say that part of my job involves animation.

Pencil Test to get timing and animation correct.

Filled animation that will later be used as footage in After Effects to create a richer looking animation.

Character design and look/feel credit goes to Brian Phillips.

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