Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Bruiser - Roller Derby Girl

Hot glue was my friend for this costume. At the last minute I added a bit of black fabric to the top of one of her bibs because, lets face it, the girl can drool. I wish I had have thought of it sooner so I could paint a little something on it. As for the rest of the costume, I snipped the helmet out of foam pads and covered them in black fabric, glued together some elbow pads and tied them on with ribbon, glued some spray painted wine corks to her tennies, tied a bunch of toule to a ribbon to make the tutu, and ironed on her derby name. The attitude she provided.

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Jen said...

Love the wheels on her shoes! So cute Amy.

Nutsy Fagan said...

She's beautiful. My girly girl is eleven years old today....again, I'm feeling wistful!!! She's amazing. If I could freeze her at this age, I would. But I say that with every passing year. Enjoy your beautiful girl.

rhiannon said...

ha! I am planning to make my 18 month old into a roller derby girl this halloween, and just came across this post in my search for ideas. Awesome!