Friday, January 8, 2010

29 for 29

This list is late in coming. I meant to post around my birthday in October as I wrapped up what I could of the 28 for 28 list, but alas, I fell behind. The new year, however, has inspired me to get this up finally. This is going to be a big year! The last year of my 20's, the first year as a parent, and my 5th year as a wife. This year will see my parents married for 35 years and this year my little sister and my best friend will both begin that journey themselves. I'm ecstatic to be a part of it all. Lotta big things coming up, yup, lotta big things, and a lot of amazing little things too I just know it.

29 for 29

1. Bring a beautiful baby girl into the world and name her Fiona Isabel Done!
2. Pick blueberries fresh off the bushes and freeze 1/2 the batch for later
3. Get together with friends and make indian food from scratch
4. Learn to read music and play a real life song on the new piano Done!
5. Read works from 5 new authors 2 of 5 Done! (Tom Robbins - Jitterbug Perfume, Stephen King - The Gunslinger)
6. Throw an anniversary party for my parents, who sincerely deserve it Done!
7. Create a work of art especially for Fiona to have in her room Done!
8. Design invitations, host a bridal shower, throw a bachelorette party, then stand up beside my beautiful little sister at her wedding Bridal Shower Done!
9. Get all dolled up and experience the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Done!
10. Go to Vegas! Done! (photo)
11. Make a home made ornament for the Christmas tree Done!
12. Create GIANT bubbles Done!
13. Bake a new fruit pie that I haven't yet attempted (apple and blueberry are out)
14. Re-visit the tiki-torch-lit, fire pit warmed, blanket covered backyard wonderland *sigh* and discover a new constellation (Orion) Done!
15. Hunt for the perfect Christmas Tree at Dull's Tree Farm Done! (photo)
16. Learn how to crochet a granny square (hoping that mom can share her stellar crocheting knowledge with me) Done!
17. Collaborate with dad on a photo project
18. Picnic and feed ducks at a state park Done!
19. Sketch a still life
20. Check out a 3D IMAX movie
21. Learn how to make homemade gelato
22. Write a poem
23. Gaze at garden filled with butterflies
24. Celebrate 5 years of marriage Done!
25. Go fishing
26. Learn to identify 5 new trees
27. Grow flowers from seed Done!
28. Surprise a friend Done!
29. Spend an afternoon at the canal

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Jen said...

Great list Amy. What an exciting year you have ahead of you!

Joseph Cross said...

Fishing! why not!
don't see a "done" beside it!