Sunday, July 12, 2009

Train Graveyard

So Saturday night I went with Steph to this train graveyard. I have no idea how long it's been there, but the tracks were overgrown, it was covered in rust, and the interior was rotting and stinky. I wasn't creeped out at first, not until I climbed inside.

(Photo courtesy of Stephanie)

Once inside I saw that I definitely wasn't the first person to venture inside the train, nor was I alone. I stepped carefully, making sure that the floor could support me and as I moved I stirred the smell of rotting wood, urine, and birds.

I kept hearing muffled rustling sounds inside the train, then I noticed that the overhead luggage compartments were lined with bird nests. I didn't go past the first car. We were pretty far away from any civilization, and I figured if all I encountered were birds in the train, that was enough. I had a feeling they weren't the only ones living there.

Before we left we managed to snap a few shots in the evening sun. You can see the entire set here.

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Ickydime said...

very cool, yet very creepy. How did you find this place? Near Lebanon?

Josh Corken said...

Nice photography!

Here is me in that exact spot:

Lovely place to take pictures.

Amy Kingman said...

Mark - It's in Cicero, or very near to it. My friend Steph found it and was kind enough to take me to check it out. :)

Josh - Thanks! And that's crazy!

Josh Corken said...

Crazy indeed. What's even more crazy is that was a couple years ago and a day before you posted this, my friend told me he wants to go back to take more pictures, but this time at night.

I may be too scared. Haha!

Amy Kingman said...

Oooh! I'll bet you could get some sweet long exposure pics! Take like a big flashlight and shine it on you standing on the train, then keep the shutter open after you walk away... could be super creepy cool! You might want to take a bat as well, just in case. ;)

Josh Corken said...

Yeah, that's what we were hoping. We wanted to mess around with long exposure and all that jazz. The creepiness of those pictures will be nothing short of....well...creepy!

And a bat is a must. I may even pull out my nine iron, just to be safe!

KELL said...

awesome photos! and lovely blog :)

Jocelyn said...

I love these shots! I would not have ventured very far in either...I'm kind of a chicken.