Monday, July 27, 2009

Photo Week Challenge

I am in the mood for another photo week challenge, and I'd like to invite anyone out there to join me. Over lunch today I was reading over a few principles of photographic composition and I thought I would pick one to focus on this week. This challenge is WIDE open to interpretation. Pick ONE area to focus on this week, keep your camera with you wherever you go, and post your top 3 shots by next Monday.

Comment to this post with a link to your flickr page, blog, picassa account, or wherever you've posted your images online along with the principle you focused on and I'll compile the list of participants with my post next monday. Choose from any of the principles of photographic composition from the list below and have fun!

balance, of elements & color (symmetrical/asymmetrical)
point of interest
line and curve
positive/negative shapes

PS: this isn't an official list of photographic composition, it's just a collection of things I found interesting as I searched around for information. If someone has a nice comprehensive list, I'd love to see the link!)

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