Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twinkle Soft and Chunky Yarn Rocks!

This yarn is SO soft and really, really warm. I was surprised at how warm it was for being such a airy scarf pattern. This scarf is way better than any scarf I own as far as keeping out the cold, that's for sure.

I just finished this scarf tonight while we watched LOST. A co-worker of mine commissioned it as a gift for his wife. (I hope she likes it!) I really am a big fan of this yarn, it's definitely NOT cheap, but it makes all the difference in the way these scarves turn out. I made one for my best friend for Christmas with this same yarn, but I didn't get any decent pictures of it so I thought I'd post a couple of this one. I wanted to share what a difference having the right yarn makes. If you're interested in getting some of your own, check out Yarn Market they have a ton of beautiful colors to choose from. Happy Friday Everyone!

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Sara Therese said...

That is gorgeous! How long did it take you, now that you have it down to a science? So pretty!

Stephanie Wagner said...

Beautiful scarf! That yarn is perfect. You're making me want to take another swing at it.

So blessed! said...

WOW...yours turned out way better than mine. I had seen a similiar scarf on Martha Stewarts website. So, I ordered the yarn (which wasn't cheap). I was so excited, but mine didn't look all nice and new like yours does.

Smilax said...

Lovely scarf! lo ve the color!!

One of my blogger's friends, Lola de LOGARO, loves knitting
and she's just made a very lovely knti dress! If like to have a look, you can find her in my blogroll as LOGARO

And I want you to know that...

I DID GET A GOCCO from ebay
At last!!!!

can´t believe it yet!!!!
can't wait till it gets home!!

So now I'm gonna need your lovely help! =)

Would you?



ELK said...

what a piece of art ~ nice gift

Jen said...

looks great Amy!

Amy Kingman said...

Thanks so much ladies!!

Sara-believe it or not I think it took about 3.5 hrs. but I made it a bit longer, and I accidentally added an extra row to the width. It actually turned out too long for how wide it is, so I either need to shorten it, or un-do the whole thing and remove 2 of those strands. I'm thinking I'll probably just shorten the sucker. :)

Smilax-that's awesome! Happy to help! Let me know if you need help finding places to order supplies, I just ordered some new supplies myself. I'll check out the dress. :)

Elenka said...

That is really a beautiful scarf.And I'm all for 'warm'.