Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Centerpiece with Spare Pine Needles

We had a few spare pine needles left over from clearing out the scraggly parts of our Christmas tree this year and I was looking for some way to put them to use.

I decided to try putting together a simple centerpiece of some sort. To do this I grabbed 3 vases I had on hand, filled them at different levels with water, stuffed in the pine needles and topped it off with some cranberries. It was really quick and easy, but I thought it turned out nice. It would look pretty in any shape vase, with really any greenery, alone or in groups.

If you're looking for a quick centerpiece idea, this might work out nicely. Send me photos if you end up trying it!

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Jen said...

These look great Amy. I'll have to keep that in mind for next year. Or at least the next time we have a real tree.

Amy Kingman said...

Thanks Jen! :) I'm all about quick and easy, so this kind of thing works well for me.

Amanda said...

That reminds me of my wedding :) I love the way this looks & the addition of the pine branches is looks like a picture out of a magazine!

Davina said...

I totally should have done this! I have the glass vases, had the cranberries, and cut stuff off the bottom of my tree!!

Nutsy Fagan said...

Found my way here looking for cranberry centerpieces. I'm going to use holly/cranberry and add a floating candle. Great ideas!! Nice blog.