Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Basement Tees

The design and motion company I work for, The Basement, is in need of some company tees, so I put together this 3 color design. We wanted something other than just our logo slapped on a shirt, so I tried to integrate a bit of movement in the design to associate with all the motion work that we do. The plan is to print them on Alternative Apparel shirts (the perfect crew for men and organic scoop neck for women). We're hoping to get these printed and sent out to clients as holiday gifts, as well as for ourselves of course. I can't wait to see them finished, hopefully we can get them printed soon. Happy Wednesday!

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Sara said...

I feel the movement! Very cool. Do you have a name for your logo creature thing? If not . . .you need one. :)

Amy Kingman said...

He's called the basement dweller, or just dweller for short. :)

Adam Bancroft said...

Brian told me about these shirts just last night! Cool to see them flushed out by our resident shirt designer.

I had to ask about the dweller last night as well.

Amy Kingman said...

Sweet! That's good to know that he's a big enough fan of the design to mention it. :) Yeah, the dweller is often a topic of conversation when people see him. I can really identify with him after spending so many months working down in that basement in Broadripple