Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I can't help myself

This isn't a forum I generally use to discuss or share music, but in this case I can't help myself.

I am completely hooked on this ridiculously happy and wonderful album. It's been sort of a staple at our house lately, always on in the background when we want a little something to pick us up and get us moving. I seriously CAN NOT stop smiling and bopping around while I listen. And when I say bopping, I mean literally bopping. It's just something you have to do.

The album: The Way I See It, and well, it's just fantastic. It's Raphael Saadiq bein all motowny and awesome.

It's like a summer breeze, full of energy and happiness, cutting right through the dark that comes WAY too early during this winter time. It's perfect for getting the inspiration flowing. (That's right, this post just became a little more appropriate for this blog, we're talkin inspiration now)

If the clips on Amazon aren't enough to hook you, and you need more of a test drive before you commit to the music purchase, you can check out the entire album streaming on That's how we discovered the album in fact, it's featured on the homepage. Sometimes on weekdays you may have trouble getting it to play. I think it has something to do with the cost of rights to streaming music, but nights and weekends generally seem to be trouble free.

All I can say is if you're a motown fan, you'll love the album. I do, it's my MUCH needed bit of sunshine on these cold and cloudy days. Just had to share.

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Sam Ven said...

When ever I get a little road rage, I put in some Michael Bolton. Anger, hate, and frustration gets replaced with Time, Love, and Tenderness.

Amy Kingman said...

hahaha! Oh Sammy, you crack me up.

Smilax said...

I don't have a type or music style for when I'm feeling upset...

It's very easy for me to link sounds and moods, and if I take some music too seriously when I'm down, I cannot listen to that singer again or bad feelings can return back... and it takes me a while to separate them! weird, isn't it?

Ex: I love Yann Tiersen's. But last album he made was listened while mourning a relative... And I've been able to listen that CD again...!

So I prefer listening-that's all

Anyhow, lately when I'm down, I'm listening to Loreena Mckennitt.

Her music makes me feel happy again!

Ashley said...

i liked the one song off that album that you sent me. you're right, very happy...thanks for sharing! also, the picture with that post was so pretty.

Smilax said...

Hi Amy!
I'm still looking 4 gocco in the internet- =( very expensive!

I'd like to ask you aboutr a proyect I'm thinking while watching your posts-
could we write each other and talk it?
i think you'd like it!


Smilax said...

sorry 4 the typing errors!


Amy Kingman said...

Smilax, yeah, it's sad to see the Gocco go out of production. It's such a great little tool! :(

I'd love to talk to you about your project idea. You can send me an email at, I check it often. :)

Dont apologize for typing errors! Your english is a heck of a lot better than my spanish!

Amy Kingman said...

I'm glad you liked the song ash! Thanks for the photo compliment, means a lot coming from a photographer such as yourself! :D