Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it finally feels like fall

Good-bye summer, hello beautiful, beautiful fall. I know I should be mourning the end of summer fun, and I suppose there's a small part of me that is, but the greater part of me is bursting with excitement for fall, and always has. Fall has some how for me, always been what the New Year should be. It's a time for beginning new projects, planning again for the year ahead, and trying on fresh new ideas and ways to look at the world. I am wide open and breathing in all that the fall has to offer as deeply as I can. I was made for fall.
To me, the sun in this photo really feels like summer saying good-bye.

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mindy said...

It seems there is something about fall & spring that does spur some sense of urgency. I think it's because they are the only 2 seasons where you can consistently have the windows open in the afternoon.

Anyway, I'm jealous. Though it is sort of like fall here, year round, it's really not the same. I hope it brings great things for you!

Amy Kingman said...

You're so right about the open windows. Those open windows just make everything in the house feel a little more alive. And it makes for such more magical sleep when you can hear the night.

As for fall in San Fran, hopefully you'll discover that it will manifest in it's own fantastic way, even if it's not by a change in the temperature.

Fall in Indiana misses you too. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm more of a summer girl...but yea, you're definately a fall girl! i think i'll like fall/spring more when i have a house to open the's not that nice to hear the traffic and sirens now ;)
i do like a good leave jumping though!

Amy Kingman said...

haha, Ah sissy, you are SUCH a summer girl. I love it. :)

I do know what you' like about fall though. Fall means AWESOME smells! Banana bread, warm spicy smelling candles, apple butter, big fuzzy sweaters and snuggly scarves before you have to wear a coat, colorful striped knee socks!

You'll have to come over some night soon so we can fill my house with some of those delicious fall baking smells.

Ashley said...

i love this! it makes ME more excited for fall :)

Amy Kingman said...

Oh, that makes me happy, Ash! I know you're more of a springtime girl yourself, but this fall seems to be a good one!

Emily said...

Hi there. Here via Shutter Sisters.

I love the TtV shot of the GIANT spider. I remember seeing big beauties like that one weaving intricate webs outside the guest bedroom window in the waning sunlight at my Grandparents' farm in Texas when I was growing up.

That image in my head is also always associated with the end of summer.

Nice shot.

Amy Kingman said...

Thank you so much Emily. What a lovely memory you shared. :)

Askew To You said...

Wonderful! I love the spider ttv. I also think that the mustang and the sign really fit with the ttv. Thanks for sharing these.

Amy Kingman said...

askew - thank you for the kind feedback! I've been looking for older looking things, subject matter that would feel a bit nostalgic with the effect of the dust and scratches. Still experimenting with the focus. Sometimes the dust is really sharp, other times it's more of a glow. I'll figure it out eventually. :)