Monday, August 25, 2008

Panda Study

Lazy Saturday mornings + getting started with some coffee before taking care of real life stuff = Panda Study

Margot my niece recently requested a panda and bamboo painted on her wall. Bamboo is a no brainer, but I dont generally draw bears so I thought I'd give it a quick shot. None of these are anything I'd consider using... but I figure the study and the process of figuring something out is worth sharing. I didn't get to any body studies, just faces straight on playing with different head shapes. The study ended with me feeling that all of this is very flat and boring, so next step is to play with better angles and poses.

PS: Still having trouble figuring out how to harness the power of the markers! I need to figure out a good technique/style for them. Right now it all just looks messy and blah! Guess some things just take putting in the time with the medium, frustrating as it may be without an undo button!!!!

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Steph said...

Unreal, who else can just sit around eating breakfast and create the cutest little pandas?

Amy Kingman said...

Awe, and I was feelin all irritated with the outcome, thanks for the pump up!