Thursday, September 6, 2007

Aquaphobic Octopus or Supersoaker Sniper

Ok.... so the title is a groaner and could use some help, but here's a little colored pencil/sharpie drawing I threw together for an art swap we did here at work. I was in the mood to do something semi-colorful on a nice dark deep colored paper and this is what it evolved into. I love very organic twisty imagery and octopus legs just sort of formed from my squiggles as I was planning it out. Before I knew it I had a very terrified looking octopus and ended up adding the little fishy as his aggressor. The paper was textured, so I decided to work with it and see what kind of result I could get using the textured side. I couldn't quite get the colors of this scan representative of the original, but oh well, close enough.

Everyone who participated in our art swap brought in a piece of art. There was a ton of variety from quilts, to photography, to paintings, to re-purposed ready made art, to quick character sketches. We all drew numbers and swapped based on what we drew. It was a lot of fun, I ended up with a very cool "burner" that Dan did, and Frank Tai got this piece.

Other old sketches.

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Brian said...

Love the style Amy! Fish with squirt guns; Turtles with parachutes... Classic! Can we have a personal art swap?

Amy Kingman said...

Absolutely!!! How about next post, you put up 4 sketches/works of art/photographs, and I'll do the same, then we can choose one to swap!

Vince Gorman said...

great call with the lines as part of the texture. Great emotion in the octopus too, he's genuinely scared, even in his body language. Do more of these, it would be excellent